Migration to a new CMS!

Migration to a new CMS!

After a few months of using Wordpress for my CMS website, I have decided to migrate to Ghost. This post will go through what ghost is, how my website has changed and what will be changing in the future.

What is Ghost?

Ghost is a modern, open source CMS (Content management system) which is used by 1000s of websites around the world. I have decided to self host it on my server using docker & FRP (Blog post on how to achieve this coming SoonTM). It works similarly to Wordpress where you have an admin dashboard on which you can manage the content such as blog posts, custom pages etc.

Why Ghost?

The reason I decided to change from Wordpress to Ghost is because it is more modern, and a lot cleaner. This leaves me with a simpeler website which I like. Also, it doesn’t have an addons ecosystem. Immediately this seems like a con, however you can create a lot of custom functionality through themes. Also, Ghost does not allow “in-theme purchases''. Though a lot of themes are paid for, you cannot get a free theme and then upgrade it (which is how a lot of wordpress addons work). Also a lot of features which you have to achieve through paid or “freemium” addons for wordpress are features that come for free with Ghost.

What's new for you?

The first and most notable difference is the looks. I have decided to go with this theme which I like a lot, however I may end up changing it or developing my own. The next big change (other than how posts are organized) is the account system. You will see a gray circle with a fingerprint icon on it. You can click on this to sign up/log in. There are currently two tiers. Free & Premium. Premium costs $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year. The newsletter will also be returning (again assuming I make at least one post a month, however I plan to diversify my post content so that I will be able to achieve this). A few backend changes include the website now running on my own server (was hosted on a rented VPS).


I can’t wait to take this software to its full potential, I hope everyone likes this update. I have a few post ideas in my mind which I will try to write up. Please consider signing up, I would really appreciate it. Have a good day!

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