My experience with Windows 11

I have been daily driving windows 11 for the past couple months(through the window's insider program's dev channel). Now that windows 11 is released, I think now is a good time to talk about my experience.

The new UI

Obviously the biggest change in windows 11 is the UI. And I definitely think it has changed for the better. Watching other people use their computers which are still in Windows 10 and it just makes me cringe looking at how ugly the task bar and all the menus are compared to windows 11. It is no where near the level which some Linux distributions are at and of course MacOS. But it is definitely slightly more competitive in that matter.

And of course, there is the centered home button. I'm personally a fan, I think its nice to shake everything up every once in a while. However, I can understand why some wouldn't like it. With the pro license (if I remember correctly) you can put it back to the bottom left corner.

Another change is that you can now not have your task bar at the top, however this personally doesn't bother me as I never had this.

The new features of windows 11

Windows 11 has a few new features other than the UI. Particularly, android app simulation, snap layouts and grids, Microsoft Teams inbuilt integration and lots more. However there was only really one new feature that interested me, and it was quite a small one. Improved multi-monitor support. Its a small quality of life features. When a second monitor is unplugged, all of the windows (and their position) are saved so when you plug it back in, the windows return to their place.

However, other than that and the UI, there aren't many features that I actually interested in. I'm sure a few of the features are something some people would like however, it brings me to my next question..

Does Windows 11 deserve it's title

This was the question that came to me while writing up this post. Does this new update of windows deserve to have its number bumped. Especially since Microsoft did say that they wouldn't be making any new versions. This then brings me to Windows 10X.  A lot of the features (such as the new home screen and centred task bar) are obviously taken from here, and I personally think, even if it does require a few more pc parts to upgrade, just put it under a windows 10 sub version or something along those lines.

That being said, I'm not against a Windows 11 existing. I would love to see a proper one. But one that brings so many more features than what this Windows 11 is offering. I would love to see some other opinions on this, so be sure to reply ;>

My experience with bugs

I have heard lot of people having issues with windows 11, however I have only experienced one myself. There was an issue opening this

Me opening the calendar in windows 11

The issue was the taskbar would freeze and it would crash (similar to when you restart "Windows explorer"). I reported this to Microsoft and they fixed it about a week later. That's the only major issue I've had other than it sometimes taking a while to open (or occasionally crashing again as of recently).

The only other issue I've had has been with the new Microsoft Teams integration. I have woken up my pc to find Teams open for no apparent reason (even though I have never opened it, I have not even signed into it). This has happened many times, and it feels as if Microsoft is opening it to try and get me to use it which is a little annoying.

In conclusion

In all, I personally quite a fan of Windows 11 and I cant wait to see it grow. It will be interesting seeing if it breaks Microsoft's popular release/unpopular release/popular release/unpopular release. Anyways, see you in the next one :D