Hi, I'm Nucker. A bukkit plugin developer. I have been coding minecraft plugins for well over a year & a half. I think I have a lot to show for it and I am always improving, every week. I have experience working with databases such as mongo, mysql, & redis. I can utilise libraries such as cloud, minimessage, the adventure api and others to create high quality plugins in clean, readable code that is highly optimised and will not slow down your server. I know how to setup and run minecraft servers in a panel such as pterodactyl. I have decent knowledge in linux and know of general popular plugins and can configure them.

Here are some of my top projects:

KitPvP Plus

KitPvP Plus banner

KitPvP Plus is a portfolio project that I worked on over a few months. It is a KitPvP core which is drag-and-drop for a KitPvP server. It integrates with PlaceHolderAPI, Vault & World Guard. It doesn't depend on any plugins (other than soft dependencies) which means it can also run stand alone. It has many features such as statistics tracking, kits, abilities, saving data in flat files, MySQL or MongoDB, an economy system, leader boards and a full developer api.

On the code side of this, it is not my highest quality code as I haven't really done lots of work on this for a few months however it is not bad. It demonstrates the use of modules, proper usage of git, object orientated code and use of interfaces and abstract classes.


LearnSpigot banner

LearnSpigot is one of the largest courses for teaching the Spigot API to new developers. With nearly 10,000 students, and a discord server of over 5,000 students. I have worked my way up to manager in this discord server. My role consists of providing support to students, writing tutorials for niche subjects, and organising community events. I have become good friends with the other staff in the server including Stephen, the instructor and creator of the course. Almost everyone I meet in the server development community nowadays has been taught by Stephen, and I am proud that I am part of the impact he has made.

Complex Gaming

Complex Server Banner

I worked on the Complex-Gaming vanilla network. The network has a whole brings in over 1000 players at peak time with the vanilla network bringing in 200-300 players. I have learnt a lot about working on a large network from here such as minimizing the amount of times you reboot a server, listening and working with players and working with the other developers on the team. I spent most my time fixing bugs. This has really improved my problem solving skills.

Plugin Jam

Plugin Jam Banner

Plugin Jam is an event that happens a few times a year. A theme is picked and developers can enter they're plugins to compete for cash prizes. This event has seen lots of submissions and the judging stream has consistently held 100+ viewers. My job on Plugin Jam was working on the Website. I have also been working closely with the lead team and helping make decisions for the event.


Minestars Banner

Minestars is a exclusive minigame event geared to smaller content creators. The server is still WIP. However it is coming along fast. I've been working on the network system, such as the database, server switching and admin manegment. And I've also been working on implementing our planned minigames. We are using a lot of new features from 1.19, as well as the new libraries. Minestars is a really exciting project, and I can't wait to see it through.

Midnight SMP

Midnight City Banner

Midnight SMP is a an SMP for the Youtuber, Midnight City. It has a lot of RPG like features as well as an advanced economy, and other features on top of the vanilla gameplay. You can play on `midnightsmp.net` (Releasing soon...).

My job has to help add some of these features and work on ironing out some of the issues with the server.