Why I don't like python

Why I don't like python

Python is one of the largest languages in the would today. Liked for its easy-to-read, small learning curve and it's general simplicity. Having come from self-taught java, I personally dislike python, for most things. In this post I will show my points why I don't python however also show some points as to why sometimes, it is the language of my choice for certain projects.

A Java developer's reasons against Python

  • Having to use indentations instead of curly braces - In almost every other high-level language you use curly braces ({ }) to open/close sections of code. However in python you use : and indentations instead. Now this is totally up to opinion but I personally dislike it.
  • Python is a dynamically typed language - Unlike java (which is a statically typed language. Again this is down to opinions
  • Python's quirks - Every language has it's quirks and python is no exception. I haven't programmed much python but from when I have, I ┬áhave experienced some pretty funny quirks. For example, making a global variable. You write global <variableName> and then you define your variable on the line below like any variable. A little weird but I can somewhat get. Then accessing that variable through the global scope, you have to add global <variableName> again.

What I do like Python for

Even though I generally dislike python, there are some stuff I have to git credit for.

  • Simplicity - Even though its not something that appeals to me, it is a great language for beginners. It is the most simple main stream language out there
  • How it can be used for so many different types of applications - Unlike java you can use python for almost anything from ai to websites. Java can be used for lots (server applications, rest apis, desktop programs and games) however compared to more modern languages like javascript & python.
  • Interpreted vs compiled - I personally prefer interpreted. I think it makes updating applications (especially backend server applications) a lot easier as it reduces the amount of times you have to reboot your application. That being said, compiled has its pluses and though there are libraries to compile python to an exe (or other types) it is not nearly as effective as a language that is compiled.

Where would I use python?

If there are some good reasons to use python, that begs the question, would I use it in some circumstances. Well about 4 months ago I used a python library to make a game and I have to say that it was some of the most fun I had had programming. It was defiantly not complete and could do with a lot of polishing as well as expanding it's feature set but none the less I really liked it. I would also use it for anything to do with AI or mathematics.


So in conclusion there are definitely some use cases for python and I would recommend it for beginner programmers. However I probably wont be using it for most projects.

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